Socialization and the Art of Loving Life

four women in front of green bushes

One of the Art of Loving Life is the ability to socialize. This is probably one of the best ways to have a great time. Enjoying all that this moment in time has to offer. There is an art of loving life that I believe some people need help with.  Life is more fulfilling when you are with others of your own kind.  It is more interesting when you share this with people that haven’t heard the same story that you tell over and over again but instead are enthralled and hang on to your every word.  Some people would also call this networking.  Increasing the size of your network helps you both socially and emotionally.

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Minimalism to Cure Luxury in Life

scrap metal part of vehicles

When I look upon all of the items that I have collected throughout the years, I see mostly junk. When I take a step back and look at the things I possess I feel very fortunate, like a king! We take so many things for granted in our lives that we really don’t recognize how rich that we actually are. Maybe I can use minimalism to cure the luxuries in life?

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Energize and Invigorate Your Mind

You need a vacation! You deserve a vacation! How do we invigorate your mind! Aren’t these phrases music to your ears? People have images in their minds of lounging in an adirondack chair. Staring out at a blue ocean with the salty water pushing up the white, sandy beach, slowly creeping towards your toes with every new break of the waves. This is usually accompanied by a cold drink is in hand. Sometimes there a miniature umbrella sticking out of it. The umbrella is protecting, in the off chance that a freak rainstorm will rush upon you and get water in your drink. What is the best part of this image of a vacation that you have just vividly pictured in your mind? Having no worries!

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Remember the GO Part in Life

As a child I remember lining up and listening for the immortal phrase “Ready, Set…….GO!”  I would take off running as fast as we could and would not stop until the finish line was met. Even if shoelaces conspired against anyone for that race, the next race we would be lined up. Everyone, skinned knees and all, waited for the three words to be uttered once more. As adults I believe that we have forgotten how important the last part of the phrase is; GO!

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Live in the Present Moment Like a Stoic

Stoic Present Moment

“Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems”


It is fascinating to me that a philosopher from so long ago could pinpoint the issues that I suffer from today. I want to fool myself that this is not what I am doing. Honestly, when we boil this issue down, this is exactly what I do. For me, I cannot live in the present moment. I want to change the past so it will all work out differently. I dwell upon what I should have done or if I would have only maneuvered a different way they outcome would have been more beneficial.

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