Seize More Than You Will Ever Need Right Now

More than you believe

What if I told you that right now, you have more than you will ever need to be happy in your life. Would you believe me? This thing is not something that can be purchased but humans always believe otherwise. People have been searching throughout the centuries for the thing in life that will bring happiness to their lives. Elusively looking for that which will make our lives content. I don’t know how to break this to you but you already have it. These are not classified secrets but we tend to treat it as such.

Finding peace with the knowledge that you are more that you will ever need

What is this thing that I already have?

This thing that you are searching for but you already possess is yourself. This is the person that you want to be as well as the person that you aspire to become. You see other people and want to look like them, talk like them or to have some portion of their life. This visual is a mirror into what you believe is missing in your life. Something that you would like to be fulfilled instantly by transforming into this new person.

You see an image of someone who is lounging outside in the morning, sipping their coffee and staring off into the sunrise and the start of a new day. You want this life, to be content with enjoying the light of morning. Honestly, what can’t you do? Wake up early, make coffee or sit outside? I would say that most of us can do this, albeit choosing a drink that is enjoyable to you if not coffee.

What we want is the content that the image is showing you. The peace and serenity that is just outside of our grasp that somehow the sun rising over an ocean would be able to deliver to us. 

How Do We Get This Passion?

Herein lies the crux of the issue; to get this feeling that is personified into every advertisement for meditation books or videos. We need to find peace within ourselves and to know that what we need is something within us. I know that I am sounding like a person on late night TV trying to peddle riches but this is where every person is different.

  • Look from the outside In – From the example that I used earlier about the peaceful image of staring at a sunrise. Break down what you are wanting out of this mental image. Do you want the peace and serenity that it is bringing? Do you want the coffee? Maybe it is the moment that is calling you? My guess is that you want the moment, which is the combination of all the things that you are currently seeing. With this, you will need to create your moments and really absorb the moment while it is happening. This way you can look back upon that moment with clarity.
  • Meditation – This is usually where I have seen the best results. If you don’t know anything about meditation, there are lots of places that will give you a beginners course for free. YouTube has quite a few videos that walk beginners through this. I have tried the app Calm on the Apple devices. It seems to work really well for me but what works well for some folks doesn’t work at all for others.
  • Peace – This is kinda like meditation but just sit with your eyes closed and objectively watch the thoughts that flow across your mind. Don’t act upon them, just try to be an outside observer to what the mind is sending you. Looking at these thoughts objectively will show you what is taking up your mind space.
  • Fake it til you make it – In my coffee scenario, just do it and see what happens. Maybe this time is where you find your peace to meditate or to work out the issues you are currently facing in life
  • Socialization – Nothing heals the soul more than humans interacting with other humans. I would ask you to step out of your comfort zone and initiate a conversation with someone new. Volunteer at an event and help out an organization that you feel strongly about.
  • Small Moments – Know that it is the small moments that matter the most. That peace that comes with the morning, the phone call to a friend that you haven’t spoken to in months or years. We always look forward to big things; vacations, weekends, holidays but we need to look at what is with us right now. Here is a post that is all about the small moments in our life.


Nothing will happen if you don’t take action. You will not become the person that you want to be without starting. Where do you start? Start by making a list of the things that you would like to do. Wake up 10 minutes earlier and enjoy the morning. Turn the TV off in the evenings and take a walk. Watch some videos on YouTube on different types of meditation and give it a try. There will be no change if you do not initiate the change. I know that from the outside looking in seems difficult but nothing could be simpler. Just do one small thing to make yourself better every day. Take that first step without knowing where it will lead.

2 thoughts on “Seize More Than You Will Ever Need Right Now

  1. This is so true – we do keep looking for someone or something else for confirmation, that we have made it and allow us to be happy about ourselves. And loose focus from ourselves.
    Someway this should be in school program from first til last class – maybe then we would get a generation of people who truly value themselves and support others regardless of any kind of differences.

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